Tuesday, June 30, 2009

18 is a great number...unless

18 is a great number. As an age, you're out of high school and can vote. As a number, it's divisible by 2, 3, 6, AND 9. There are lots of ways it can be great in baseball, too - 18 runs scored, 18 hits, 18 game winning streak, #18 on your back (Tony Gwynn JR)...

...unless it refers to the number of guys in a row who went to the plate, then sat back down with their sunflower seeds and thoughts. Which is the case tonight.

Following two stellar performances by Correia and Gaudin (Gaudin!), the Padres left their bats at baggage claim, mustering only 2 hits against nemesis Roy Oswalt and losing 3-1.

Two steps forward, one step back.

On the bright side, Adrian Gonzalez was walked for the 612th consecutive game, and although I'm no expert, I'm pretty sure that's an NL record. Seriously, he's walked 30 times in 24 June games. Can we get a hitter to protect him?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Silva makes into the third, Padres still lose

Walter Silva came in with a goal - to stay in the game longer than Wade LeBlanc did. "Our bullpen got stretched out yesterday, and those guys need a rest", Silva said. "I want to give them some."*

Mission accomplished.

Silva made it all the way to the third inning before hitting the showers, but his game effort wasn't enough, as the Padres fell 12-2.

Kevin Correia strives to continue his recent run of excellent efforts and snap the Padres' 3 game losing streak tomorrow. Barring that, he hopes to get through the fourth.

Texas, clinging to a half game lead in the AL West, will counter with Derek Holland. Holland has started 5 games for the Rangers in 2009 (and, incidentally, his career). He's made it through six once, and is 0-3, when starting.

*Editors note: All the quotes seen on this site will be fake, unless specifically attributed to an interview or story with a link.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Something Completely Different

I am a baseball fan. I like to write. And allegedly, there's a Major League team in San Diego. Seems like time to merge the three.

I don't know what form this blog will take. It most likely won't be hard news. It probably won't have lots of organizational insight. I can't promise it will have snarky content, or comprehensive analysis and commentary.

What I can promise, however, is a little humor, a lot of opinion, and a forum to exchange ideas. And maybe the occasional bikini photo.

You never know.