Monday, August 17, 2009

Hell Yeah, Kyle Blanks!

My internet access is limited right now, but I was REALLY happy ESPN decided to give the nation bonus coverage of the Padres/Cubs game. Got to watch the ninth inning live from outside the San Diego area.

Headley's 2B was awesome. Blanks' bomb? INDESCRIBABLE.

That's how you rebound from having your heart ripped out the night before - by removing it from your short-term memory with a stirring comeback win.

Well done, fellas!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Venable gets picked off, snuffs out game-changing rally

Well they put up a better fight, but still fell to the Cardinals. Some thoughts:

- I think Pujols' ball in the first should have been caught by Blanks. I'm not saying it was an easy play (it wasn't), or that I would have caught it (and judging from my play on Thursday, I would have spiked myself running after it), but a Major League OF needs to catch that ball.

- Stauffer couldn't have put the ball on a tee any better for Holliday than the pitch he threw, that turned into the 2-run HR.

- Adrian Gonzalez is a strong man. I mean, really strong. That he hit a low-and-away pitch for an opposite field HR is amazing. I tried to hit a pitch like that on Thursday and popped out to shallow left. This also explains why Gonzo is in the Majors and I'm not.

- Gwynn Jr catches the ball Schumaker hit to drive in the 4th Cardinal run. You can't convince me otherwise.

- William Venable, you owe us 25 push-ups. Correction: You owe us 2500 push-ups.

- Thatcher did everything right as a pitcher after Molina broke for home in the seventh. The umpire hooked us up with the call - Molina was safe - but not for a lack of execution.

The Padres are hitting the ball well against these Cardinals, but aren't getting the clutch hit, and their pitchers are getting killed when they make a mistake.

Richard tries to avoid a sweep tomorrow. He draws Lohse, who has struggled since coming off the DL just before the All-Star break.

Friday, August 14, 2009

This Just In...

The Cardinals are a little bit better than the Brewers.

Mat Latos - don't get down, kid. You've had a lot of success so far, but that was the first Major League lineup you've faced. Learn from it.

we pause from our normal Padres coverage to bring you the Toughest Man In The World

Cup? Adrian Beltre don't need no stinking cup.

Beltre took a ground ball off the 'groin' in the ninth inning of their 12 August game with the White Sox. Well, it wasn't so much his groin as his tes-tic-le.

He played 5 more innings. Scored the winning run. He's on the DL with a 'severely contused testicle'. Reports indicate it was bleeding internally. He'll be reevaluated today/tomorrow to see what surgery, if any, needs to be done.

Jack Youngblood played Super Bowl XIV with a broken leg, and I thought that was the toughest thing I had ever heard of. Kerri Strug won an Olympic Gold Medal by completing a vault, landing on one leg because the other one wouldn't support her weight. Shun Fujimoto broke his KNEE doing the floor exercise during the 1976 Olympics, then completed two more events - including a dismount from the rings, situated eight feet in the air - before collapsing.

But playing with a torn testicle? Wow.

That said, Adrian: how in the name of God can you play third base, the hot corner, at the Major League level without a cup? I wear a cup playing beer league softball, and I stand waaaaaay out in CF. Dude - you make stupid money. Get fitted for a custom cup.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Peavy to White Sox

A long weekend, which started off with the surpirse deal of Cy Young winner (and heart & soul of the Padres) Jake Peavy being dealt to the White Sox for 4 minor leaguers.

As of this writing (and lots of internet "ink" has already been spent on the topic), Clayton Richard threw a no decision against Milwaukee on Saturday night, and looked OK in his first start (5 2/3, 1 ER).

I agonized over what to write regarding. I'll keep it short, since it's time late, but here it is:

The Padres should be professionally embarassed they had to deal Peavy.

Yes, the financial situation changed on the team (Moores' divorce acrimony notwithstanding). However, they promised to pay Peavy like the elite pitcher he was, and they couldn't. Not to mention they spent most of the last 9 months (a) openly shopping him, and (b) behind the scenes trying to talk him into 'taking one for the team'. I'm glad Jake told them to stick it in May, because it made the whole front office look stupid.

I also understand why he said F*** it last week and left. At least the White Sox are trying to win. Who wants to hang around where you're not wanted?

Good luck to Jake in Chicago. Hopefully he'll be healthy enough to pitch and contribute, get into the playoffs, and make a deep run.

Then today Gaslamp Ball reports Gonzo might have been traded to Seattle in a 3-team deal involving Boston and Felix Hernandez.