Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Change

The most obvious statement I can make is, I haven't posted in a while here.  Despite my best intentions, I only seem to post sporadically even when able to post regularly.

Recently Rick from @RJsFro approached me with an offer to post over at a new site, Padres Public.  I would post under the Padres Trail title but the post would be hosted at Public.  I hesitated, but when he told me who else was involved - virtually every other independent Padres blog - I jumped on board.

And so that's where it stands.  I'm posting every Tuesday morning at Padres Public, and randomly during the week if the right topic presents itself.  Since I'm a packrat and borderline hoarder, I've no intentions to shut this site down.  It may come to pass I have something I want to talk about that really doesn't fit at the Public and I need an outlet; time will tell.  For now, look for me at Padres Public.