Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Podcast Schedule

We're here in New England again, which means cell phone reception is spotty at best.  It also means our normal time slot for the Podcast would be 1am Eastern time, and that's just crazy.  You gotta sleep sometime.

This week was also to be the inaugural Tuesday podcast, but, and I'm sure this comes as no surprise to some, I've cancelled that show.

Thursday's show is on, but will be at 8PM PACIFIC, so plan accordingly.  Seriously - we want to hear from you in the chat room.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baseball Digest and Podcasts

A quick hitter.

Baseball Digest has been doing a birthday post each day during the off-season. Recently I started contributing to those posts.  My second one is up today on former Tigers pitcher Joe Coleman.

There will be a Podcast tonight, the first 30 min version, at 10pm PST.  Feel free to stop by.

Lastly, and sadly, Mr. David Nuffer, who spoke at Saturday's SABR meeting passed away this morning.  He will be missed.