Friday, August 14, 2009

we pause from our normal Padres coverage to bring you the Toughest Man In The World

Cup? Adrian Beltre don't need no stinking cup.

Beltre took a ground ball off the 'groin' in the ninth inning of their 12 August game with the White Sox. Well, it wasn't so much his groin as his tes-tic-le.

He played 5 more innings. Scored the winning run. He's on the DL with a 'severely contused testicle'. Reports indicate it was bleeding internally. He'll be reevaluated today/tomorrow to see what surgery, if any, needs to be done.

Jack Youngblood played Super Bowl XIV with a broken leg, and I thought that was the toughest thing I had ever heard of. Kerri Strug won an Olympic Gold Medal by completing a vault, landing on one leg because the other one wouldn't support her weight. Shun Fujimoto broke his KNEE doing the floor exercise during the 1976 Olympics, then completed two more events - including a dismount from the rings, situated eight feet in the air - before collapsing.

But playing with a torn testicle? Wow.

That said, Adrian: how in the name of God can you play third base, the hot corner, at the Major League level without a cup? I wear a cup playing beer league softball, and I stand waaaaaay out in CF. Dude - you make stupid money. Get fitted for a custom cup.

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