Saturday, September 19, 2009

No, Andy Mazur, You Are Wrong

While driving home last night, I had a chance to listen to the Padre broadcast on the radio. Right after Adrian Gonzalez hit into a rally-killing double play in the fifth, Padre play-by-play guy Andy Mazur made the following comments (paraphrased):

Did you know the Pirates lead the NL in fielding?

With all the changes they've made this year? I did not know that. That's amazing.

They have made the fewest errors in the NL with 63.


And with that double play they are now tied with St Louis for the most double plays turned, with 154.

So you've based your argument on a statistic that has been widely discredited as an accurate metric of defensive ability, that Webster uses to define 'subjective', and tried to bolster your argument with statistic that is only made possible because there are tons of runners on base. That's your analysis. If you'd taken the time to look up team defense and, oh, let's say UZR, you'd see this is not the case. With all the advances in defensive metrics, why anyone would still be quoting errors as a measure of defensive prowess is beyond me.

No, Andy Mazur, You Are Wrong.

Postscript: Jerry Coleman followed up that AM comment by saying "well that means there's been a lot of guys on base to turn that many double plays." Way to point to what should have been obvioius to Mazur, Jerry. You gotta love him.

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