Monday, July 5, 2010

All Star Selections

First this was an amazing week.  Scott Hairston drove in 12 runs during the homestand.  Tony Gwynn Jr drove in a winning run, scored a winning run, and saved a run with a great catch, all in the Astro series.  Kevin Correia found his form, at least for one game.

And Mat Latos pitched, again, like an All-Star.

I try not to get too worked-up about the All Star roster.  Every team must be represented, so there are some artificial-ities inherent in the process.  Evan Meek is the only Pirate, and he's pitched well, so that's that.  I'm sure an argument could be made for either Luke Gregerson, Matt Adams, or Heath Bell over Arthur Rhodes, but I'm not going to make it today.

Even in my laid-back approach to the rosters, I cannot help but raise an eyebrow on 5 Cardinals making the roster but only 1 Padre.  Pujols and Molina got voted in, Holliday leads all NL outfielders in WAR according to this site, Adam Wainwright is one of the very best pitchers in baseball.  Chris Carpenter?  That's an interesting pick.

The Padres have the best pitching staff, statistically, in the league but do not have a pitcher on the roster.  Something seems amiss.  I submit Mat Latos deserved Chris Carpenter's spot.

To wit:

- Latos ERA:  2.62.  Carpenter:  3.16 (yes I know it was inflated by that gagger Saturday vs Milwaukee).
- Latos HR allowed:  9.  Carpenter:  14.
- Latos WHIP:  0.963 (lowest SP WHIP in NL).  Carpenter:  1.212
- Latos K/9:  8.2.  Carpenter:  7.9
- Latos K/BB ratio:  3.5.  Carpenter:  2.92
- Latos xFIP:  3.59.  Carpenter:   3.77
- Latos WAR:  1.8.  Carpenter:  1.4

I submit Mat Latos is better in every statistical category than Chris Carpenter.  Bud Black is an assistant coach for the NL - how is it Latos didn't get selected?

*Yes I'm aware of the irony that I suggested sending Latos down in April, only to argue he's an All-Star now.  Life is funny, isn't it?

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