Sunday, October 17, 2010

We Pause Briefly to Bash the Chargers

Rams 20, Chargers 17.  I am a Ram fan from way back, and sit in my Jack Youngblood jersey as I type this.

So HAH!  San Diego has never beaten the Rams.  Ever.

Oh and those of you scratching your head on how the Chargers could lose to a team that was 1-15 last year, and lost 44-6 to Detroit last week?  Here's why.  The Chargers cannot win on the road, and aren't as good as their rankings.  They aren't losing to inferior teams anymore - they are losing to teams as good as they are. 

Harsh?  Yep.  But consider:
  • Lose once to a bad team (KC) it's a fluke.
  • Twice (SEA) it's coincidence. 
  • Thrice (OAK) it's a trend.
  • Four times (STL) you are what you are.
No one will confuse those four teams with Super Bowl contenders.  The Chargers shouldn't be considered a contender either.

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