Friday, July 15, 2011

Game Reflections - #94 vs Giants

This game was entertaining for 4 innings, until Andres Torres took over. Some thoughts after attending the Padres 7th consecutive loss.

- Why so many Giants fans? Maybe because they are the defending Champs, their games in SF are sold out, and ours aren't. Seems silly to get upset about it. Visiting fans taking over Petco won't stop until this franchise has some sustained post season success.

- Second Lincecum start at Petco this season, second time the Giants scored in the first. It's tough enough to beat the guy without spotting him an early lead.

- Chase Headley started but was pinch-hit for in the bottom of the first. A right calf strain was eventually reported. Either he hurt it yesterday or he hurt it trying to corral Ludwick's good but futile throw to the plate.

- Padres put two on with one out in the first and left them. What else is knew.

- Ross' HR was crushed.

- Maybin reached on an error to start the second and was doubled off when Rizzo lined to second. That play was equal parts bad baserunning and a great diving catch by Mike Fontenot.

- Lincecum's back to back wild pitches led to the Padres run. I don't think I'd ever seen consecutive wild pitches live before.

- Cardinal beat writer Derrick Goold tracks 'As So Often Happens' moments. Those innings where a player makes a great play in one inning, then comes to the plate in the next half and reaches base. Andres Torres had one of those moments in the bottom of the fourth/top of the fifth. His catch of Kyle Phillips' line drive on the warning track prevented 2 runs. He then knocked in SF's third and scored their fourth runs, essentially ending the game.

- I couldn't figure out why Moseley hit in the fifth until I remembered Thursday's game went 12 innings. Bullpen was shot.

- Frieri had an awful inning. Back to back doubles, two intentional walks, and a wild pitch with the bases loaded. Maybe it's me; whenever I see him pitch he gets lit up, can't find the strike zone, or both.

- HP umpire Ted Barrett's zone was a little inconsistent; not many high strikes, and sporadic outside strikes that appeared to be balls. Hudson struck out on one of the latter in the eighth, as did Denorfia to end the game.

- Ryan Ludwick is slow. Cody Ross made a good play on Luddy's shot in the eighth, but still.

- Bass pitched pretty well.

- Giants fans gave Sandoval a standing ovation after he grounded to first leading off the ninth. His 22-game hitting streak snapped with that AB. I'd not seen that before either, and have to respect fans paying that close attention to what's going on between the lines. Well done.

There's not much positive to take out of this game other than Bass' performance and the two shots off rookie Luis Martinez's bat. Not XBH hits for a second consecutive game. Only 1 run scored. All that can be said is, try again tomorrow in a favorable pitching matchup (Luebke v. Zito).

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