Saturday, September 17, 2011

Game Reflections - #152 vs Diamondbacks

Tonight's game took 2:31, and 3 of the 4 runs scored were via solo home run.  Not a whole lot to talk about, but I have some thoughts on the limited action.

- Had a chance to talk with David Garcia before the game.  Well actually Mr. Garcia talked and I listened.  His baseball reference page talks about his 6-year managerial career, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.  He's been in the game for over 70 years, the vast majority of which spent as a scout.  I wish I had more than 25 minutes with him.

- Wonder why Josh Collmenter has such an awkward motion? He learned to throw an ax before throwing a baseball.  Rumor has it he was a Michigan state champion in ax-throwing.

- Andy Parrino walks to the plate to Iron Man.  I like to think it's the Ozzy Osbourne version.  I do believe I'm an Andy Parrino fan.

- Orlando Hudson suffers from a lot of mental lapses.  Apparently last night he lost the handle on the ball while attempting to throw Justin Upton out at first, then lay on the ground while the ball rolled away from him.  Upton ended up at second, gifted a double.  Earlier in the year he did the same thing after Troy Tulowitzki's low line drive glanced off his glove and rolled away.  Tonight it appeared he missed a hit-and-run sign and hung Nick Hundley out to dry - caught stealing 2-6-3.  He's a former All-Star in the 152nd game of the season - why does this stuff happen?  Hudson did homer later in the at-bat to give the Padres the lead.

- Starter Wade LeBlanc had an odd line - 103 pitches thrown, 53 strikes.  He got hit hard in the first inning, which is a trend.  He's allowed 8 first inning earned runs this season, and 16 ER to teams the first time through the order (of 37 total allowed).  On this night, however, LeBlanc gutted through 6 innings, allowing only that first inning home run to Aaron Hill.

- Odd line of the night.  Chris Young of Arizona saw 14 pitches from 3 different pitchers.  One strike.  And he just missed that strike, hitting a 'home run in a silo' off Gregerson that went as a pop-up to short.  I can't remember the last time I saw a hitter walk 3 times in a game on 12 pitches.

- At one point, there was a Qualls and a Ziegler pitching against each other.  When was the last time the pitching matchup was a guy who's last name started with a 'Q' facing a guy who's last name started with a 'Z'?

- Four caught stealings in the game, although one was of the picked-off-caught-stealing variety.

- Finally the double play Anthony Rizzo started to end the fifth.  He made a nice play on the ground ball from Parra as it reached the bag, but his throw was sublime.  He threw it so it pulled Jason Bartlett's glove to the feet of John McDonald, who was running from first to second on the play.  If he doesn't throw that ball that way McDonald is likely safe.  Superb defensive play.

San Diego goes for its first series sweep since taking four from Florida almost a month ago.

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