Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baseball Greatest Games

Periodically this blog will cover general baseball topics, as it suits me.  Today we go back to last year's World Series.

Every now and then the Baseball Bloggers Alliance is offered free stuff via mail.  Usually it is a request for review, promotion, or something like that.  Recently I received a copy of the latest addition to the Baseball's Greatest Games series - Game 6 of last year's World Series.  What's cool about this release is the inclusion of both a DVD and a Blu-Ray formatted disk.  It is the first such game to be available in Blu-Ray.

The game disk is exactly what you expect.  It is the unfiltered telecast of Game Six, as it appeared live on Fox.  Now you might find Joe Buck and Tim McCarver annoying - many do - and not want to subject yourself to 3 hours an 45 minutes of their blather.  You don't have to.  One of the cool features of this disk is the inclusion of alternative tracks to the video.  The viewer can choose from the Spanish broadast, the St Louis Cardinals radio feed, or the Texas Rangers radio feed.

I did not test the Spanish feed, mostly due to my feeble grasp of Spanish (Uno cerveza, por favor is about the extent of my fluency), but I did listen to some of both the Rangers and Cardinals calls of various innings during the game.  I have to tip my hat at whoever did the audio engineering for MLB.  The radio feeds match up EXACTLY with the game action you watch.  If you listen to the radio while watching the game on TV (which I have done on those cold days I'd rather hear Ted Leitner than Dick Enberg) the radio always leads the TV picture.  For me it was cool to see them completely synched up, just like the man at the mike saw it as he called the action.

Obviously Cardinals fans will be falling over themselves to get this disk, even if they never watch the first 6 innings again (which were surreal).  Rangers fans might want to torture themselves with how close they came to winning the whole thing, or they could be interested in it to honor how hard their club fought to win.  Heck St Louis took the lead after one inning, lost it 3 innings later, then kept punching Texas in the gut the rest of the game trying to go ahead again.  The Rangers always answered.  Until Freese's HR ended it.

Baseball fans everywhere will agree this was the most compelling game of the Series, a contest between two teams who didn't know how to quit, and refused to acknowledge they were beaten.

The DVDs go on sale today.

Update:  Some additional information on the DVDs for your perusal:

Disk provided courtesy A&E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions.

2001 World Series Game 6 can be found here:  http://shop.mlb.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12643416&cp=1452371.2366583

Quick Padres news:  Monday San Diego activated Mark Kotsay and sent Brad Brach to AAA Tucson.  I  thought Brach might be the next guy sent down, although I thought he would go on Saturday.  I'm trying to salvage my soothsayer reputation here - I don't care if it's a reach.

Thanks to A&E Networks for the opportunity to participate in this offer.

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