Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2009 Reprise?

A quick thought ahead of the 1030 news conference with new ownership:

In 2009 the Padres went 39-35 after the All-Star Break, 37-25 after July 27. They carried that momentum into the 2010 season and to within a game of making the playoffs.  As play started on 29 August 09 they had gone 19-23 since the Break , and would win 20 of their next 33 games to close out the season.

In 2012 the Padres have gone 26-18 since the All-Star Break.  I'm not saying they'll play .606 ball the rest of the way like they did in 2009.  They are playing better ball already than that team did, and we know how the 2009 late season success carried into 2010.  Better play now has to portend to a brighter season in 2013, right?

Something to think about.


  1. One caveat: the team that ended 2009 was the same team that began 2010, even the rotation. There were no battles for jobs and the team picked up where it left off.

    This year, the rotation AND bullpen is a patchwork that Bud and Darren Balsley have done a great job of getting great results from. Chances are, both the rotation and bullpen will be extensively reworked in the off-season. Even shortstop and second base could be different next year.

    The smooth extension of this year's great finish to next season isn't guaranteed. Josh Byrnes' off-season moves and real competition for spots in Spring Training could see the Padres having to get acquainted with each other the first months of next season.

    1. Great comment. Lots of things to talk about here. I hope to answer in an upcoming post or two.