Friday, February 26, 2010

Podcasts and Khalil Greene

First, we are exactly one week away from exhibition baseball. It's hard to believe the Padres will be playing actual games next Friday. Where did the off-season go?

Held Podcast #3 last night - here's the link. I hope you get a chance to listen to it in the archives, and tune in for the live show next Thursday. I won't rehash the discussion here, but I will hit the highlights:

- Adrian Gonzalez contract expectations, and when/if the Padres will move him.
- How the defense will change when/if Gonzo leaves.
- Baseball America Top 100 Prospects, and the 4 Padres appearing on it.
- General baseball discussion (Cardinals, Mariners, etc).

I'm planning a more in-depth post on the 4 prospects, but that will probably not appear until next week.

One other item of note: the Texas Rangers released Khalil Greene yesterday. You might recall he signed a 1-year, $750K contract with them this off-season. However, he hadn't reported for spring training yet, due to a 'recurrence of issues he's dealt with in the past', according to Ranger GM Jon Daniels. The NY Times article linked above stated it wasn't an anxiety disorder issue, but you have to wonder based on the wording Mr. Daniels used.

I continue to hope Greene gets the treatment he needs to defeat these demons and return to a normal life. Who cares if he plays baseball again.

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