Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Call To Action

Padres lost last night 6-1 to Atlanta.  There's a reason Tommy Hanson's considered one of the elite young pitchers in the league.  Secretly all of us kind of expected the Padre offense to be flat yesterday after the 17-run explosion on Monday.

But that's not what this post is about.

My wife, someone not easily dissuaded from pursuing things she wants, contacted the Padres Store and spoke with customer service regarding merchandise for women carrying the new military logo.  If you haven't seen the logo, here it is:

The women she spoke with was very nice, but told her the Padres are phasing in items carrying the new logo, and it will be a long time, if EVER, before they start carrying women's clothing with that design.

This kind of blows my mind. In a military town, with female service members, why would the Padres elect to follow that course? Not to mention the thousands of military spouses in the greater San Diego area, and Padres fans stationed throughout the world, who might find this apparel cool enough to wear.

I'm throwing this out to you. My wife was the first person to call and ask about women's clothing with the military logo. If you or someone you know is or would be interested in buying women's apparel with this design, please call Corin at the Padres store at (619) 795-5921 to make the request. Should enough people call in to ask about this, the Padres may change their marketing plan to support and start carrying these items.

I want to emphatically state I am not trying to start a 'Padres discriminate against women' campaign with this request for assistance.  I think they've made a marketing mistake only.  They won't change their plans unless we as fans and consumers voice concerns and interest.

Thank you.

Podcast tonight at 10pm.  You know the drill.

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