Thursday, April 8, 2010

Padres Lose 2 of 3 in Arizona. Also, the Sun Continues to Set In the West

I've just finished watching the Padres lose 5-3 to Arizona, meaning they start the season dropping two of their first three.  This is not unusual; the Padres have dropped 2 of every 3 in Arizona since they started playing National League baseball in Phoenix in 1993.  It would have been more unusual if they had won tonight's game to WIN the series.  They've only won 2 of their last 10 series in Arizona, going back to the start of the 2007 season.  Hence the 'sun sets in the West' title.

Out of morbid curiosity I looked at Padre futility on the road since 1993.  Here is their winning percentage against the NL, on the road, in that span:
Pittsburgh - .605
Florida - .507
Milwaukee, Mets - .500
Cincinnati - .485
Los Angeles - .478
Cubs, Philadelphia - .472
Colorado - .455
Houston - .452
San Fran - .446
Washington/Montreal - .406
Arizona - .330
Atlanta - .313
St Louis - .265

The Diamondbacks have owned them in the desert.  I'm sure Arizona reacted with high fives and smiles upon seeing the 2010 schedule, much like the Padres probably groaned.

The sad thing is San Diego could easily have won this series.  Opening Day?  No chance, Haren was dealing.  Tuesday night?  C.Y. returned the favor.  Tonight?  They jumped out to a 3-1 lead but couldn't hold it.  Last year Kevin Correia gave up 2 HR total in March/April. He gave up 3 tonight (Dick Enberg's somewhat perplexing call on the first one notwithstanding.  I think he believed Hairston had a play on that ball.)  Thirty-three starts, 17 HR in 2009.  One start, 3 HR.  He's on pace to give up 99 HR, and that'd be some sort of Padre record.

Also he makes me look pretty silly for suggesting he should have gotten the Home Opener next Monday.  Thanks Kevin.  I don't need any help to look silly, dude.  I'm sure Correia will straighten things out for his next start against Atlanta.

In the meantime, San Diego has tomorrow off and travels to Denver for 3.  They'll miss Aaron Cook and Randy Wolf, but get Ubaldo and Jorge De La Rosa.

Don't fret about no baseball Thursday - there's always the Padres Trail Podcast to scratch that baseball itch.  10pm at the usual place.  It's just me to lull you into a false sense of security, and we've extended the show to a full hour (although it may not run that long), so feel free to call or chat with me.

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