Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beating the teams you should beat

One of the marks of a good team is how it fares against sub-standard competition.  Of course, sub-standard is a relative term; all ML teams consist of major league talent, the elite of the baseball players available.  Some teams have less success than others.  Heck somebody has got to lose these games, right?

As the Padres are a very good team, how have they done against the teams they're supposed to beat?  For the purposes of this discussion, teams they're supposed to beat are .500 or worse as of today.

  • Arizona - 10-4 (including 8-0 at home)
  • Baltimore - 2-1
  • Cubs - 4-0
  • Houston - 5-2
  • Milwaukee - 4-3
  • Mets - 3-3
  • Pittsburgh - 6-0
  • Seattle - 4-2
  • Washington - 3-3
That's (does higher math) 41-18 against the second division.  Good news.

But it does mean they're 35-31 against the good teams.  And that's fine, too; the good teams are good for a reason.

Here's an interesting look at the schedule.  Our Padres have but 8 games left against sub-.500 teams (4 with Arizona, 4 with the Cubs).  The remaining 28 games are against top-tier competition (the Rockies, Cardinals, Dodgers, Phillies, Giants, Reds of the world).  On the one hand they may play .500 ball the rest of the way.

On the other hand, they will be recently battle tested once the playoffs roll around.  That can't help but be a good thing.

Podcast tonight at 2200, following the Burn Notice Season Finale.  See you then.

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