Monday, August 9, 2010

Now is not the time to Panic

There's been some talk about how the Padres are slumping right now, at least over their last 10 games (4-6).  Granted, their record would make one think that.  But let's look at this objectively.
  • Padres came off an emotional series against the Dodgers and dropped 2 of 3 to Florida.  Florida historically has succeeded in Petco (the Marlins had won 9 of their last 12 games in San Diego entering the series), and threw three of their best pitchers.  Padres managed to beat their ace (Josh Johnson) but lost the other two.
  • Padres then head to LA to play those Dodgers again.  Despite being shut out for 17+ innings they come away with a split.
  • Padres finish off the road trip in Arizona, where they've lost 2 of every 3 games they've played.  Again they lose 2 of 3.
Is the Padre offense in a minor funk?  Yes, but no more so then they've endured all season.  They did score 10 runs in two different games on the recent road trip.  Have their trade deadline acquisitions not had much of an impact yet?  Yes, that's true; Ludwick and Tejada are a combined 13 for 65 (.200) with one HR between them (Tejada); Ludwick didn't get his first extra base hit as a Padre until Saturday.  But not a cause to panic yet.

Perhaps their recent 4-6 record is due to facing some tough pitching and playing in two parks where they have historically struggled (San Diego is 27-34 since 2004 in LA, 159-194 all-time).  They still have the best record in the NL, and they still enjoy a 2 game lead on the Giants.

So don't panic.

Now if the Padres lose this series to Pittsburgh...

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