Saturday, August 7, 2010

Raging Arizona

When the team is struggling, the last place they want to go is the one place they always struggle.  So here we go again in Arizona.  In case you weren't aware, San Diego has lost two of every 3 games they have played in the Desert.  Losing 2-1 last night didn't surprise me at all, even though Jon Garland again threw well, and even though Arizona sent a rookie to the hill.

With Richard taking the hill against Rodrigo Lopez, and Latos tomorrow against Joe Saunders, the pitching match-ups still favor the Padres.  They can win this series.  In a year where they've defied all conventional wisdom, winning a series in Arizona would be par for the course.

Just because it's Saturday, and this is a quick-hitter, how have our two trade deadline acquisitions fared so far (WARNING:  SMALL SAMPLE SIZE)

Tejada:  8 games, 34 PA, 6 for 32, 2B, HR, 2 SO, .188/.235/.313 (with Baltimore:  .269/.308/.362).  Struggling a bit.  It seems that every time I watch Tejada hit he gets jammed.  He must lead the world in pop-ups.

Ludwick:  6 games, 22 PA, 4 for 19, 0 XBH, 5 SO, .211/.318/.211 (with St Louis:  .281/.343/.418).  Also struggling a bit.  Ludwick spent most of this season hitting in front of Albert Pujols.  Did that inflate his numbers?  I sure hope not.

May be a quiet rest of the weekend from here - reunions and adult baseball are on the docket.

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