Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random Thoughts on Game 30 (vs Rockies)

I don't know what ya-all's problem is - I go to Petco, the Padres win.  Tonight's 3-2 victory moves the Padres 4-2 when I'm able to attend.  Here are tonight's random thoughts:

- Loved Cameron Maybin's hustle on his first-inning double.  Think he might have seen Harper double just past shortstop in Sunday's game against the Phillies?  Also was it just me or did Maybin need about 4 strides to make it from first to second?  Speed never goes into a slump.

- I think people were seeing the ball well out of Drew Pomeranz's hand.  Yonder Alonso's single to score Maybin was smoked, and almost took the young Rockie hurler with it into CF.  Edinson Volquez's drive found Pomeranz, although Drew recovered to throw Volquez out.  That line drive would eventually force Pomeranz from the game with a right leg quad contusion, but not before he clobbered a 3-1 Volquez fastball off the facade in LF.  That was a shot, people.

- Friday's theme of weirdness continued.  We saw another wild pitch, another passed ball, another runner caught stealing, and the weirdest play of all, Rockies catcher Rosario out trying to advance on a ball just barely away from Nick Hundley.  Rosario was out by 3 feet.  And BZ to Orlando Hudson for keeping the tag on Cuddyer and throwing Cuddyer out when his momentum carried him past the bag.

- Chase Headley's slide to score the Padres third run was exemplary.  He's safe IMHO even if Rosario holds onto the ball.

- Nothing kills a rally like Hudson and Jason Bartlett striding to the plate.  They were a combined 0-4 with runners on, and stranded 5 in scoring position between them.  San Diego should have blown this game open in the third inning.

- I'll be the baseball is a big as a beach ball to Alonso right now.  Everything he hits is a rope.  One will never prove it but it sure looked like Colorado pitched around him in the fifth inning, even though Jesus Guzman was on first base.

- Headley's caught stealing earlier in the fifth looked like a busted hit and run, busted because Guzman didn't make contact.

- Gotta love the Padres bullpen, the lone bright spot on this team.  They threw 3 2/3 no hit ball, striking out 6, to preserve Volquez's first win with the club.

Jeff Suppan goes tomorrow, his opponent is still TBD (at least as of 5pm Monday).  I won't be back in the ballpark until sometime next week, but the Padres don't need me to win - do they?

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