Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wanna Win Tickets to See the Padres in St Louis?

OK, some items before we start...

Congratuations to Stephen and Robert, who won the World Series Game 6 DVDs. Here's where I say 'the check's in the mail', however the check is not in the mail yet because I haven't made it to the post office. Yet. They should go out tomorrow.

Next, I'm 5-3 now at Petco after watching yesterday's 4-2 win over the Dodgers. I'm going again tonight, so I'll combine my random thoughts into one mega-post. Early tease - James Darnell plays the game the way I like to think I play it.

OK, onto today's contest offer.  In tandem with a couple of fellow BBA websites, I-70 Baseball, Pitchers Hit Eighth, and C70 at the Bat, and on behalf of the Sports Vacation Guys, two of you have a chance to see the Padres in St Louis Monday night.  Yes that's this Monday, the 21st of May.  If Fortune has favored you (or Fate has sentenced you) to a trip into the Greater St Louis area next week get there on Sunday, do your business, and watch the Padres play the World Champs Monday night.

How do you compete?  Just tell us,

1.  If you could go see the Padres play a road game in any other MLB team park, which one would it be?
2.  Who would you take with you?
3.  Why?

Two ways to enter.  You can post your reasons in the comment section of this here site, OR you can email it directly to, which is probably a better call since you have to provide your name and address with your entry.  And it would also mean you're covered in case I get hit by a bus or something.

Now I must say THIS OFFER DOES NOT INCLUDE air fare, accomodations, rental cars, or anything else you might need to get from here to there.  You're on your own.  I'm cool, and so are the SVG folks, but we're not that cool.  Or independently wealthy.

As you probably know, Neo-Busch is typically engulfed with folks sporting cardinal red during a game.  A little Brown and Gold in the crowd would clash deliciously with all that monochrome.  You want to talk 'Best Fans in Baseball'?  How about a couple of kids from the Coast adorned in colors their team hasn't used as its primary scheme for 30 years!  THAT'S FANDOM PEOPLE!

So get your entries in, and Good Luck!  Winners to be announced Saturday afternoon at this site.

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