Friday, May 4, 2012

Win a copy of WS Game 6

This is a quick follow-up to a post I wrote two weeks ago about MLB's latest Baseball Greatest Games release.  I've been provided two additional copies of the 2011 World Series Game 6 BluRay/DVD combo set that I'd like to give away.

Of course, this being a Padres blog and that game not involving the club makes devising a giveaway appealing to my readers a little problem-matic.  I expect it will generate some interest amongst Cardinals fans, however.

So let's do this.

To my count there have been 4 major trades between the Padres and Cardinals in the last 30 years.  One involved someone currently on the Padres roster.  I will send one copy of this game to the first two people who can name the player, and list the other player(s) involved in that trade.  Send your guesses to

Please note that if you've already won this disk from another website you will be ineligible to receive one of these two. 

Disk provided courtesy A&E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions.

2001 World Series Game 6 can be found here:

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